Where to Get Loc Extensions at a Salon Near You


Specialty: Loc extensions, starter locs, and loc maintenance.

IG: @christianfields_legacyinc

Christian Fields Natural Hair Academy has a talented, trained staff of locticians that can help you get your best-looking hair yet. This is a go-to place for many Chicagoans with locs and offers services like color, loc styling, and regular maintenance.


Location: Baton Rouge

Specialty: Loc repair, starting locs, loc grooming and styling, and loc extensions.

IG: @hairtamerstudio

Hair Tamers does all kinds of natural styles, but locs are their specialty. They’re particularly popular with clients whose locs are thinning, as well as those looking to maintain the general health of their hair. 

Location: New Orleans

Specialty: Master loctician and natural hairstylist

IG: @locdbyladycoco

Owner Lady Coco has been doing natural hair for over 20 years. Her focus is “maintaining the health of the loc from base to the very ends of the hair.” Coco prides herself on creating stable, secure locs for her clients in the New Orleans area.


Location: Hyattsville

Specialty: Loc extensions, starter locs, styling locs, coloring locs, and loc maintenance.

IG: @thelocshop

Want to dye your locs purple? Trying to copy that intricate style you saw on Instagram? Take a visit to The Loc Shop. This appointment-only salon is known for doing killer dye jobs and its cool atmosphere. From the curated playlist to the art on the wall, this salon is a vibe. “It’s a very dedicated experience to our clients,” owner Frida Brown says. She and her stylists are very keen on hair health, and they don’t play around: “We will deny you a service if your hair isn’t healthy enough for a particular service.” 


Location: Detroit, Michigan

Specialty: starter locs, retwists, touch-ups, loc repairs, barber cuts, and loc extensions.

IG: __locsoflove__

Locs of Love, owned by a hairstylist named Bianca, has only been open for roughly two years but has still garnered great reviews and a bevy of loyal clients. Each loctician is licensed and they offer a complete service for every stage of your loc life.

New Jersey

Location: East Orange, New Jersey


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