Verb Ghost Oil | Review


The best kinds of hair products are the ones you can have in the crib that anyone — whether they actually live with you or they’re just visiting — can use, regardless of their hair texture. There are few products that fit the bill, but you can count Verb’s Ghost Oil among them.

The brand’s hair oil has been one of its most beloved products for a minute now, and as someone who’s used it on and off for years, I can attest to why. First of all, it lives up to its name: this oil is so weightless, when you run it through your hair, it almost feels like it’s not really there. But then, as you work it in, you see your hair getting smoother and shinier, without the heavy feeling that many oils can leave behind.

Use this to polish jagged ends and smooth out thirsty, ragged strands. This is a great finisher if you’ve blown out or straightened your hair and you want a sleeker look without that oily texture. If you’ve got Afro-textured hair like mine, you can use this to add a touch (a touch) of moisture to your strands or, as I like to use it, to add some shine to a pulled-back bun or puff. Once my hair is in place, I put two pumps of the Ghost Oil in my hands, and then carefully rub my palms over my head, from front to back and voila — my hair’s got just a little extra something.

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