Rihanna Wears the Best Wedding Look We’ve Ever Seen in A$AP Rocky’s “D.M.B.” Music Video — See Photos, Video


A few clips later, Rihanna’s at dinner with her man, and she’s in an edgy brown mullet with a fringe. The ends are curled up, similar to her first bob, but her bangs are asymmetrical, hanging at different lengths down her face. 

The Braided Wedding Hair

Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

In the last few clips, Rihanna is in a red veil, underneath which is her long hair, falling past her shoulders in waves with some braided strands. Upon seeing her, A$AP opens his mouth to show a grill that says “Marry me,” to which Rihanna responds by opening her lips – and on her teeth is a grill that says “I do.”

Even though this isn’t an official wedding announcement (at least that we know of), it would honestly be so cruel of them to drop this video if they weren’t married. Right?

Check out the full video below.


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