Aly & AJ on Y2K Beauty, TikTok, and Their Current Makeup Routines | Interview


But thought has gone into this hypothetical plan. AJ chimes in to say she’s thought about bleaching her hair platinum, though, while keeping her brows dark to have the reverse version of Aly’s look. 

I tell the sisters they should reconsider these bold changes and follow through with them. “I still love the idea,” AJ says. “I’ve never done anything crazy with my hair; I’ve never changed it. Yes, highlights, lowlights, whatever, but I’ve never done an actual, full processing of a different color.” Her hair has always been a golden blonde, so platinum wouldn’t be that far off base, either. Just saying. 

While on the topic of TikTok, Aly brings up a beauty trick that’s been making her laugh every time it comes up on her For You Page between cute animals and food prep hack videos. “People are obsessed with skinning cucumbers and having a frozen cucumber and rolling it on their faces,” she says, leaving AJ absolutely confused yet curious. (AJ’s FYP, by the way, is mostly horse-related, babies getting facial massages, and “that one guy that is always cooking in a forest,” she says.) 

Aly and I try to explain to AJ how people have been using “cucumber ice pops,” as Aly puts them, as frozen facial rollers or ice globes to depuff their faces. When I mention the latter, AJ finally understands, noting she thinks ice globes are great. Aly says she loves Sundree’s, in particular. “I’ll just stick with that,” she adds. “I don’t know if I need to freeze a cucumber.” I couldn’t agree more. We’ll leave cucumbers as a beauty treatment in Y2K as spa-like eye covers and embrace the modernity of skin-care tools

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