13 Best Tweezers for Eyebrows 2022 That’ll Pluck Stray Hairs With Ease


If you’re trying to shape your brows at home, a handy pair of the best tweezers for eyebrows should do just the trick. Yes, there are tons of hair removal products to choose from nowadays, but tweezers are our old reliable because 1) they’re way less intimidating than waxing, and 2) they’re also much more precise than other hair-removal options. New York City-based brow stylist Joey Healy also notes that tweezing doesn’t require chemicals or heating like wax or other types of hair removers, which gives it another leg up on its competition.

With that being said, tweezing is like a dance — one bad move can make everything go south. So, before you start plucking your brow hairs, Healy notes that your eyebrow routine starts with the right pair of tweezers. “Using a tweezer without a good grip can cause the hair to break and then make it more challenging to remove,” he says. He suggests grabbing a pair of eyebrow tweezers that has grip ridges for a secure hold.

Healy also recommends tweezing only when skin is completely clean, bare, and free of any skin care or makeup so that the eyebrow hairs are not slippery. “If you have super sensitive skin, keep in mind that when tweezing fresh out of the shower, the hair is a little bit more pliable and releases easier,” he adds. “After the skin is dry, it can be more painful because the follicles are not as open.” 

Once you’re all set with prep work, Healy says to start working “from general to specific,” focusing on the hairs that are furthest from the brow and then moving closer to the actual eyebrow itself. “This is why you never want to use a magnifying mirror while tweezing because you can get lost in the details and end up ruining the shape of your brow,” he explains. Healy also advises tweezing one hair at a time for precision and using a dermaplaning tool to shave stray fine hairs that are hard to grip.

We get that human error happens so, in the event that you overpluck hair, Healy has one simple tip for you: “Just put the tweezers down and do not tweeze the good brow to resemble the overworked one.” Got that down? Good, because the eyebrow-shaping fun is just getting started. Below, check out the best high-quality tweezers for effortlessly sculpted eyebrows.

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